Welcome to JSuggest

Current Release: June 1st 2008, JSuggest-Alpha-1.0

Project web site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jsuggest/

The goal of the project is to provide a complete open source suggest framework for java.


  • Single and Multi-Field suggestions
  • In-Client and Client/Server architecture
  • Implements GWT, JSON, Hessian client/server
  • Implements Java and GWT Multi Suggest Text Box
  • Easy configuration
  • Supports Bean- and Delimited File-Dictionaries
  • Preprocessing allows for phonetic or word stemmer suggestions
  • High performance, tested with data set of  apprx 1.5 Mio records

Live GWT Demo

Gwt Zip Explorer Demo

Quick Start

  • Download the project from sourceforge
  • Unzip the file
  • Check that your default java version is 1.5 or higher by calling java -version. If this is not the case you may have to change the path to java in the bat files.
  • Execute \bat\demo\fatclient\ZipClient.bat (If you are on another platform than windows go to the jsuggest home directory and call java -Xmx512m -showversion -jar jsuggest.jar org.rzo.jsuggest.demo.fatclient.ZIPUsa
Java Client JSuggest Zip Demo


The Core classes are:
For more details take a look at the javadoc and the included demos.


The file /conf/dictionaries.properties.ini is a sample configuration file. The comments within this file will help you to adapt it .


Questions and Comments are welcome. Please post the on the sourceforge forums or tracker